Maurizio Sarri storms out of Chelsea’s Europa League training session

Maurizio Sarri stormed away from Chelsea’s training session at the Olympic Stadium on the eve of the Europa League final against Arsenal within an hour of admitting for the first time he is considering his future.

Sarri twice flung his baseball cap to the ground in frustration, kicking it across the technical area, before departing down the tunnel while the session was still winding up. The tantrum occurred moments after Gonzalo Higuaín and David Luiz had been involved in an altercation during a practice match, though the club were quick to deny the incidents were connected.

Sarri is understood to have been unhappy that the team’s final training session was open to observers, as per Uefa’s stipulation. A Chelsea spokesman said: “Maurizio’s frustration displayed at the end of training was not related to any of his players, but was due to not being able to practise set-plays in the final 15 minutes of the hour-long training session as it remained open to media.”

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